The ultimate spiritual society

Thoughts are sometimes more valuable than the words that we speak.



The most important journey is the journey within ourselves. The knowledge which we can acquire there is infinite, loving and universal. It can bring all people more close together.


By making mistakes we show that we are human. By making mistakes we learn to forgive.


If you want to understand others really, it is wise to learn to understand yourself first.


To give love is much easier when you are able to leave your self-interest behind. Then we can start to talk about unconditional love.


Love can connect people into eternity.


Love is also the only sincere means of communication.


Belief has no value according to science. But they are forgetting that scientific evidence only has value if people believe in it.


The goal of a group is the sum of the goals of all the individuals forming that group. That group will cease to exist in the future if this is not the case.


Everthing in the universe is a continuous proces and connected with each other. What do beginning, ending and time mean then ?

Being happy is a state of mind, not something you gain or obtain.

Every experience can have a different meaning in time.

In order to understand something, we do not need to know all the details.


The more details, the more insight, but the less overview.


Personal development and freedom go hand in hand.


We can not define our future, but we can give it direction.


Our life, consciousness and love lasts forever.

Evil is only a wrong choice. Left or right, it leads nowhere. But when you go straight, you always come to the eternal love.


Our conscience makes us human. By making substantiated choices, we will show that we are aware.


Major problems can be solved with new insights from a different perspective. To continue on the same path is optimization, which is a dead-end road. Each optimization provides proportionately less.


Every man is equal and is thus entitled to the same happiness and development possibilities. Equal opportunity in todays society means just that one does get something and the other not.

Impossible are only the things we think are impossible.


Tomorrow lasts longer than yesterday and today combined.


When we look back at what has happened, we often say: "If I had known in advance !"


On the other hand, we have difficulty to face up to the past and to make choices for the future. Even if we do nothing, we make a choice and tomorrow comes anyway, even if we do not expect it.

Be the change the world needs !

Everyone who truly wants to contribute to a better world should join together !

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