The ultimate spiritual society

The next section describes experiences of someone in a spiritual society. This is an example to show you what a spiritual society would be like.


5.2 One day in the spiritual society

I woke up this morning and got ready for work. Whilst brushing my teeth, I stood there and it occurred to me that not a lot had actually changed since the big change. The biggest difference is that the world of today has become a great place to live for everyone. The people are really nice and willing to help each other without asking for anything in return. People do not immediately think about money anymore if anything should be done, but more about the reason why something should be done and the impact it will have on other people and the world. There is no war and crime anymore. People have more respect for each other. We are more aware and care more for each other. It is almost invisible, but it makes a world of a difference.



Respect for each other

People are greeting one and other, because they have respect for each other and want to show they are pleased with others being there. People are more likely to have a chat with each other, and take each other into account. Horses do not drop their waste on the street anymore and cats no longer in other people’s gardens. Dogs go out on special designated areas, and children can play on the grass again. People give each other priority in traffic, open the door for one and other or give their seats to the elderly while on public transport.



Provide one’s own energy

We have lived in the same house for many years. A bigger house is probably possible, but that would also consume more energy. Moreover, we have enough space in and around our current house, even though it is a house at the end of a block in a city. The house is equipped with wind mills and solar collectors, with which we generate our own energy. In addition the house is far more insulated and thus takes less heating. Our car runs on the same kind of energy, so in retrospect our house is a gas station. Therefore, we never use energy from the main suppliers, but we produce all our own energy.



To 'buy' / build a house

It is a lot easier nowadays ‘to buy’ your own house. You can see at the town hall which houses are empty or are being released within the next six months. If there is nothing you like, you can also choose a piece of land and build a new home. When a house is empty for over a year, they are demolished or rebuilt until they meet the requirements of future residents. The houses are therefore less boring, because everybody gets the chance to express their individuality. More freedom has been given to people’s creativity, and they have more opportunities to express themselves. Furthermore people do things in a more civilized way, because they have better education and training than previously.



Car ownership and use

My wife also works, but we only have one car, because we work and live in the same city. The distances are short. A second car would also put a strain on the environment. We will keep this car for as long we can, until it is irreparable or doesn’t fit in with our family situation. The production of a new car demands a lot of raw materials and there will be a considerable amount of product waste. Furthermore it is not responsible to renew your car every few years.



Companies and products

Yes, there is a substantial difference with the capitalist system. We now produce on a need basis and you do not need to pay to obtain products. The company has therefore become a society in itself. People have pleasure in their work, the atmosphere is very good, the workload is much lower per person than it was in the past, people take time for a pleasant chat and help each other if something goes wrong. Sometimes there is just a little stress if something has to be delivered on time, but people see that as a challenge. The planning is made together with the people. The production level is the same as in the past, but that is because people find it fun to work here, which causes lower absenteeism. Employees feel more at home nowadays and feel involved in the company. They also like to think more about things that are important for the company, which helped us to take different efficiencies and environmentally friendly measures. We now produce more efficiently and cleaner than ever before. Of course there is always someone who, after a period of time concludes that he or she wants something else that we cannot offer. Then we call someone from a special institute for retraining and place those people in another company. This does not affect a person's personal situation, because you earn the same in any job whether you are a street cleaner or a director. The same institute also takes care of us by finding a suitable replacement. So we do not need to advertise and do not lose much time and energy on recruitment.

The point is that you have the chance do whatever you like, within your abilities and that helps the people around you. Therefore everyone works with great pleasure and commitment. That is what you are rewarded for. All your working hours are being administered through the internet in the central database containing all the people, which all companies and institutions are connected to.



Production and raw materials

Our company provides their own energy for a large part, because we have large wind turbines and the entire roof of our building is covered with solar panels. If we have power left over, we give it back to the electricity company and if we need more, then we just tap it off.

We need raw materials for our production. We order them from a supplier, when they come from a country with a spiritual society, there is no problem. Thus we have long-term agreements for the supply of materials. When it is a supplier from a country with a different kind of social system, then the supply goes through the government. Fortunately, this is increasingly less the case, because there are more and more spiritual societies. They are providing each other with more and more essential materials.



Means of payment

When I go to the store for shopping, I take my ID card along. This is an identity card with which you can identify yourself in combination with fingerprints and an iris scan. Contact is being made with the central people database, in which all personal data is firmly established. This database is in turn linked to the system that keeps track of how many hours you have worked for the society. This is the new base for the payment system. When I need 'to pay' for something, there is a connection made with the central computer and it checks whether I have contributed enough hours last month. I can take all the products with me if I have worked enough hours. The working hours are not taken off, the registered number of hours stays the same. In the next store this will be checked again and I can take everything away with me again. I will not be greedy in what I take, because it makes little sense to take more than you can eat, for example. Moreover, all products go rotten quickly, because there are far fewer preservatives in them than before. All vegetables are produced in a biologically sound manner. And finally, it is antisocial to take more than you can eat and to throw the rest away.




Limits have been set to a number of products; this is to keep tabs on certain products and people taking things that are not strictly necessary. In principle, for example, every family has one car. If you want a second car, you will have to put your argument across as to why you think you need a second car. When you have good reasons, then you will generally get that second car. But sometimes a different solution is suggested, like a scooter, a motorbike or moving to another town in the vicinity of your work. A second house is never given to someone. You can only live in one house at a time. To leave a house empty for a large part of the year is a waste of land and raw materials. There are vacation resorts however, but they are occupied all year round, as the facilities are all-season. Think of sports halls, indoor playgrounds, shopping malls, indoor tropical swimming pools, indoor ski slopes and indoor Go-Kart with electric karts.

Sometimes products cannot be delivered immediately, due to high demand. Then you sometimes have to wait a few weeks or months until it can be delivered, but that has always been the case.




I book a vacation, when I want to go somewhere on a holiday, I have to work a minimum number of hours per year. In addition, a number of weeks remain free, in which I can take a vacation. We have no more central school vacations, so you are much freer to book your holidays. A family could do less with their money in the past, than people without children, because you also had to pay for your children. Plus you had to take a vacation in the most expensive weeks of the year. Now it costs nothing and the school is open all year round. The parents can plan a vacation whenever they want, without having to worry about the busiest periods. There are no massive population movements anymore or fun parks that are overcrowded. Life has certainly become more relaxed.



No crime

A big advantage of a life without money is that there is no crime. It is of no use to steal something. If you want to sell what you have stolen, you would not get any money for it, and if you did you couldn’t use it. Furthermore people can get things free of charge; nobody wants to buy something from a thief. To sell drugs is also of no use, because people are giving no money for it, far less people will want drugs, and the drug trade will disappear.


The value of an item is therefore not relevant, but it is about what you do for society. All material things are really worthless; they are tools that make life more pleasant and easier, but are not the ‘be all and end all’. That is only the breeding ground for criminal activities.

There is also another reason why there are no criminals anymore: they are all working. What makes a man become a criminal? This mainly occurs when someone is not able to build a wealthy existence with his or her capacities and capabilities. In the spiritual society, anyone can have a prosperous life, regardless of his or her capacities and/or capabilities. That is a fair basis and provides an equivalent existence for everyone. So why would you still want to be criminal? Doesn’t that sound good? Never again having to be afraid that your bike or car might be stolen, your house broken into or that your shop is being robbed, and no more bags robbed from old ladies.



Care of the elderly

The care of the elderly is fantastic nowadays. There is much more respect for the elderly than in the past, because the government mainly consists of older experienced professionals. They are held in much higher regard, making young people to be more inclined to contact the elderly and to help them if necessary. There are enough nursing homes for the elderly and opportunities to interact with other people to keep people busy. These centers are set up by the government. The staff has much more time for the elderly and work with a brighter attitude. The people in the centers also notice this and it makes for a brighter atmosphere. Moreover, there are still a lot of elderly people living in their own house, this is possible because home care has improved a lot. They have received more resources and more time per employee to spend for the needy people.



Education at school

My children like to help their grandpa and grandma. They were taught this at school. Values and standards are an important subject at school. The schools are less focused on performance and more on the child. The things that are right for the development of the child, is always important for society. People, who feel at home at school, will also feel more at home later in society. The school tries to prepare children for society and to find out what a child wants to be, moreover what his or her talents and interests are. The study of the universe is an important new subject in school. During this subject the children are taught how the universe works and what the impact is on daily life. It is presented as a scientific subject.



Religion and religious communities

Another thing that has changed is that we often visit a church or mosque on a Sunday. Science has researched the existing religious and spiritual authorities for a common basis for the benefit of society. They have come to recognize a 'divine' greatness or entity, where we as people, are part of or subordinate to in a certain way, and that love is what connects us all. This is now propagated by all religions. There is more knowledge about the universe, and understanding of what this knowledge may mean for our society. The existing religions have become more aware of the fact that through cooperation they can play a significant role in society and can therefore make a greater contribution. Of course, there are still differences between religions. This will never change, just as there will always be differences between people. But there is more understanding of each other's positions and because of more meetings and cooperation, the differences have become smaller.


We have become more aware of the ‘divine’ in the universe. We sometimes have a session with a psychic, who not only shows something of his talents, but he also explains how he sees and experiences this. Science is also paying more attention to the paranormal phenomena because it is seen as a part of the key to the universe that we still do not fully understand.

The religious and church communities in our district are jointly executing a wide range of tasks within the neighborhood. They are running a combined children's club, where children can do creative activities after school. They are taking care of an additional piece of home care for the elderly in particular. These are not the standard care activities, which are executed by the home care centers, but activities to keep the elderly involved in the community, and to give them a feeling of involvement.

In addition, staff are regularly giving presentations at schools and events to elaborate on the universe, how it is functioning, our place within it, and to disseminate this knowledge and keep it alive.

We ourselves are helping with a number of activities. Actually, the church has become more of a community center, where residents can meet and talk about issues that go beyond the daily concerns. There are also a lot more people coming there than there were before, because the church has loosened up a little. The essence of religion is what it is all about today and what we can do with it in our daily life. Everyone is welcome and it is always very pleasant to go there.



Helping developing countries

Finally, I would like to say something about helping the developing countries. Previously, we only offered help, because we felt, as "rich" Western countries, that we were required to do so. In this way, we freed ourselves of our guilty feelings. They were helped as far as money allowed. Now we help these countries, because they are people and children, just like you and me. Now money is not around, so it’s not about if there is enough money to help but it’s a case of if there are free hands available then people will help. The aim is simply to help everyone in need. We do not want every country to be the same as an average Western country, but to help the developing countries to grow in a way they feel comfortable with, by advising them, consulting them in any way we can. What steps are taken and how big those steps are may vary from country to country, as well as the final result. It is primarily about creative ideas, exploring possibilities with no limitations. In addition it is about positive thinking, striving for a healthy lifestyle for everyone, a life in which we can all be happy. We want people to develop, we want to give them a form of existence in which they can live healthy and happy in balance with nature.

In the spiritual society, we can really do something for these people, money is no longer an excuse for not helping.



Available work force

There are more hands available, than there were in the past during the heyday of capitalism, because a lot of work with a financial character is no longer needed. Companies still have an administration, but only a stock administration, this is much easier than having an additional financial administration. Many financial institutions are no longer needed, such as banks, insurance companies, audit firms, tax advisory offices, and investment companies’. Many hundreds of thousands of people previously used to work with these companies. All these hands are released to assist in the care sector, construction work, developing countries and with companies where there is an increased need. The garden centers are a simple example. Many more people can now have a beautiful front and back garden for their house. But there is also a growing need for old people's homes and restaurants. They will get a lot more customers. In short, a huge shift in society has occurred. Life has become much more pleasant and sociable.



Closing of the day


I usually close the day with a meditation session of about fifteen to thirty minutes. During this session my body relaxes, my mind comes to rest and I get into contact with the universe. As a result I experience a deep inner happiness. After that I am able to sleep well.




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