The ultimate spiritual society

A great experience to learn about the love, knowledge and wisdom that is inside all of us. This is what can help us save our world. This is what Paul Arthur van Doorn experienced during his meditation sessions and gave him a small glimpse at what we can make of our world. This was a truly positive spiritual experience.

Do you want to know more about the spiritual society ? Do you want to know what kind of ideas are behind it ? Do you want a fuller explanation ? Would you like to exchange views with more people on this?


Paul Arthur van Doorn has prepared a program for the lecture of about 3 hours including a small meditation session and a 30 minute discussion session. After that you can get a signature and a personal message from the author signed in your copy of the book 'How to save our world'.

But of course it is also possible to perform a more customized lecture depending on the kind of audience. Get into contact with us and we will work things out !


The presentation includes the history of the world, the problems todays society is facing, the direction in which we are heading and finally the spiritual society is explained as a structural solution for all the great world problems. The presentation ends with how we can change our current society in a spiritual society.

The purpose is to encourage people to think about solutions. To make people aware of the fact that everyone has a choice. If we can make the same choice together, we have a chance.


Our world is too beautiful to just let go. Our children are too young to have no future. Let us together try to shape the future. Let us begin NOW, not tomorrow.

Through the e-mail address specified on the right you can get into contact with us for further information about the lecture and to plan a date and make further arrangements for the lecture.


There is no standard price for a lecture by the author, Drs. P.A. van Doorn. You may offer a product or service, whatever you want to give for the lecture. Only travelling expenses have to be paid in advance. Signed copies of the book are included.

During the lecture short movies are used, like shown below, and popular music, to make things clear in a simple way.



Be the change the world needs !

Everyone who truly wants to contribute to a better world should join together

Drs. P.A. van Doorn

Email: P.A.van.Doorn@spritualsociety.nl



Dutch website: Spirituelesamenleving.nl




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