Who has not wondered if there is an alternative for the current society? I did.

Towards the end of 2007 it was suddenly revealed to me what this society could look like and I started to work out a design. I called this alternative the spiritual society because the main points of that society lie especially in the field of giving meaning to life and spirituality. A society in which

people are no longer driven by power, money and materialism, but love. A society in which the main objective is not economic growth, but existence in

balance. In balance with yourself, with other people, with nature and all there is on our earth and in our whole universe.


Growth in the spiritual society is important in terms of personal development, mainly from an inner and spiritual motivation. An utopia ?


Perhaps it is, but consider that wanting to hold on to the current society is an utopia as well. You could be unpleasently surprised because nothing stays the same. Change is unavoidable, just accept it, because otherwise you could be caught by surprise unpleasantly by tomorrow as nothing is anymore, as it was. Civilisations rise and fall. The signals indicating the end of our society as it is, are more and more poignant: shortage of natural resources, increasing climate and environmental problems, financial decline.


We can wait until things really go wrong and afterwards try to build a new society on the ruïns. Ór we can try to reach a higher level of living by anticipating on the current situation and make a large step forward on the basis of our successes from the past.


In short, the spiritual society is the solution for nearly all problems which we know in the current society. The most important reasons are: recognition of the functioning of the universe and to live by its rules, love for yourself and the people around you, another way of thinking, new consistent and logical starting points for the society, the will to solve things together and of course welfare and prosperity for everyone, no one excluded.


The transition of the current society to the spiritual society is enormous. That is not possible from one day to the next. But there is still time, therefore why not spend this time usefully by building a future for our children ?



Be the change the world needs !

Everyone who truly wants to contribute to a better world should join together

Drs. P.A. van Doorn




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